Lower taxes, same-sex marriage, less immigration, greener energy… Almost everybody in France is hoping for something from this spring’s presidential poll, whether they get a say in it or not. FRANCE 24 journalist Sophie Pilgrim goes on the trail to find out what people in France – both French and foreign, voters and non-voters – truly care about in this election.

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"We'd save the planet, then the music industry"

After 25 years in the French music industry, you’d expect Igor Stanislas and Manu MacManus to be fighting for stricter laws against illegal downloading. Not quite... They’d rather see the government tackling animal rights abuses and pollution.
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‘I’d put the person back into teaching’

Working with troubled children in an area of France best known for its high rate of teenage pregnancy and low level of youth employment, teacher Séverine thinks that putting the human side back into learning could make all the difference.

'I’d spend less on defence and more on research'

Célia is a 22-year-old biology student at the Sorbonne, Paris. She hopes to work in research once she graduates in 2013. That is, if she manages to find a job and move out of her parents’ house before she reaches 30…

'I’d ban the French from whingeing'

When we set off for France’s indoor farm convention this week, we went in search of a farmer. But after endless moos and baas from hundreds of model livestock, we found something much better. An eccentric mayor who says he would like to ban…moaning.

‘I'd make the suburbs my top priority’

Welcome to Les banlieues, where millions of the capital's poorest families squeeze into overcrowded tower blocks. You certainly don’t see any ‘Sarkozy for president’ posters in the windows. But once upon a time, the president had an ally here…

'It's got to be gay marriage'

Martin is a sales executive working in Paris. He’s been living with his American boyfriend for the past eight years, and they plan to get married in New York – where it’s legal. No prizes for guessing what he’d change if he were president. Listen in…